I'll try to keep this as brief as possible:

Aim of this website

To provide a free-of-cost way to help you learn a language that is not your native language / mothertongue (hence the name fathertongue)
Grammar is infinitely complex, so don't expect this website to help you with that. You should find yourself a good book or preferably a good (real life) tutor for that.
Learning words is relatively simple though, and equally vital for understanding and speaking a language. Though there are many tricks as to facilitate this (some of which i'll write about in the future) this website is aimed at one aspect of them: storing them in an application and providing means to practice them.


  1. Support for multiple languages
  2. Adding new words and updating them
  3. Categorizing words by language, type, index and in the future also by book and chapter (if you're using this app to learn the words of your study matierial)
  4. Extending words with information such as the gender of a noun or the first-person present-tense of a verb
  5. Creating translation-links between words
  6. Simple search
  7. Practice program which can be tuned at any point to ask:
    • specific types (verbs, nouns, etc)
    • specific categories (food, clothing, etc.)
    • toggling between asking for the extended information (see 4.) and validating this
    • ask words entered between a specific time interval
    • ask words that you haven't practiced often yet
    • ask words that you make often mistakes with


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